Job Analysis Part 2

A career in UX research will entail many career decisions, the first of which began a few years ago when I started working with websites, writing, doing social media and studying search engine optimization. The skills, competencies and knowledge required for a job in this field weigh heavily on experience, but also entail education that enhances the use of data analysis and information structure building. That means, I will need to work on developing the kinds of skills that will not only help to create forms of digital media, but also to develop my skills in understanding people and the ways they interact with that media.

It is my intention to immerse myself in the use and creation of digital media. This will take several forms including pursuing a concentration in Information Management specializing in User Experience. Concurrently, I’m involving myself professionally in a career focused on marketing and social media. This helps to focus my work toward user demands and needs. Following my MLIS studies, I should be more aptly prepared to analyze complex data and design web-based platforms. It will be important that I at least understand how to do some front and back-end development of web-based platforms and mobile applications.

Along this path, it will also be imperative that I focus on the sociological implications of these platforms and applications so far as it concerns user experience. This may manifest itself in pursuing another Master’s degree, a grad certificate or doing doctoral work. Regardless, the professional frame of reference may be necessary to work at a high level in the research field.

My professional goals and objectives are continually changing as my education progresses. One thing is certain, I am determined to find a position that fulfills my curiosity surrounding human interactions with digital media. The space where humans and technology intersect becomes increasingly important, but also increasingly interesting to study. I want to be a part of the mechanism that protects people from the ways that emerging technologies and Web 2.0 disrupts lives. Instead, I want to be a creator, and I want what I create to be usable, important and pivotal to technological developments.


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