Mid-Semester Analysis and Reflection

As the first half of the semester zooms by, I’ve realized that having a focus in my MLIS studies is really important. As well, it is important that I not worry about the preoccupation of working in a library. I need to remember that was not my intention for going to Wayne State in the first place and I need not get distracted by the passions of my peers. Yes, those are founded, and I will not discount the possibility of working in a traditional library setting. However, I chose my course of study because I wanted to become more marketable in the information sector. That is just as valuable, and I’ve noticed in my writing and responses to others an attempt at sounding like I might work in a library.

I feel passionately about the needs and progression of libraries, especially public libraries serving communities that truly need unadulterated access to information. It is just really pivotal that I keep my goals in mind and remember that the evolution of the information field is not soulless. That’s really what I’ve discovered. I’ve realized that there is a truly important human aspect to the information field, and what that sector needs is professionals dedicated to creating a community of thought that is founded in freedom and a focus on the end-users’ needs. Just because  field is successful and growing does not mean that it is not important to the progress of society. Struggle does not have to be the foundation of my passion, although that’s often how I’ve seen it since I started out in undergrad intending to be a teacher in alternative education.

My development as a professional has been really interesting to analyze this semester so far. Before entering grad school, I wasn’t being particularly introspective. Being pushed to discover passions, interests, and partaking in guided reflection has helped me to garner a deeper focus on what will be a suitable career path. As well, it has caused me to be more invested and careful in my current career choices. Each step must have purpose.

In the second half of the semester, I plan to have more resolve in working toward a concentration in Information Management. That is a choice, and I’m prepared to explore the many facets of that choice. As I progress, I hope to have a more vivid picture of what working in the information management field will look like, but after the first half of the semester, having a resolve of any sort is comforting and exciting. So not only do I want to explore this further, but I also want to be wholly aware that things will change and alter as my studies move forward.


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