Blogging about Professional Blogs

a summary of these issues and
your personal observations and/or what you learned. Be sure to include links to the blogs, and
reference specific posts as needed.

Public Knowledge

This blog is a collaborative approach to talking about issues related to the freedom of information and protecting individuals right to privacy. This takes on many forms from discussions of violations and proposed bills, to discussion of artist rights concerning recordings. Through this, I learned that as keepers of information and knowledge, LIS professionals have a lot of responsibility to think about all of those involved in these issues. As well, I learned that there are several components of interest to these issues and it important for ALL LIS professionals to be concerned with these issues.

As technology develops, it seems like there are more opportunities to violate users’ and creators’ rights. Copyright laws take on so many nuances as they are pulled and prodded through different societal mechanisms, namely the government. As future information professionals, it is best that we are occupied with making sure that these laws continue to protect their intended individuals.

Not only is it important to consider the ways that traditional media is being attacked (or not), but as LIS professionals, even things like music are important to our professional integrity. The way that copyright interacts with the future of music is just as important as a community trying to ban a book. Information is the LIS professional’s responsibility to protect.

Information Wants to Be Free

This blog by Meredith Farkas who is the General Education Instruction Coordinator at Portland State University explores several different aspects of academic librarianship, information access, and being a professional person generally. She is a writer, teacher, speaker, and academic. Her observations concerning life as a professional woman are heartfelt and important when considering what a dedicated career may look like. Not only does she delve into personal and professional issues concerning career, but she also talks about what it is like to be an instructor and how that informs her work as a librarian and a manager.

Her introspective work is important in understanding how all encompassing a professional career may be. Not that my career isn’t already overwhelmingly encompassing, but I realize as I develop as a professional, at some point I need to make distinctions about what is important to me. This may take the form of more intense study, or finding ways to find a happy medium between work and my “real life.” Right now, my real life is dominated by my career and more often than not, the activities I do for fun are extensions of my career. Perhaps that’s what blogging and academic writing means for Meredith.

Ultimately, this blog is most interesting because it is so human and full of soul. Her rant on the ways that Harvard Business Review is making it more and more difficult for her students to access the material is funny, but heart-wrenching. Talking about issues of access in the abstract is one thing, but having a relationship with Meredith’s writing and seeing these issues manifest in real ways is both interesting and important to my development as a professional.


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