Revisit Assumptions/Assertions about LIS

After a semester of discussing, studying and thinking about libraries and their role in society, I don’t think many of my assumptions and assertions have changed all that much. Instead, I have become more convicted in my belief that libraries and information agencies are essential to society and the ways it will develop into the future. Really, information has no future without those committed to its preservation, storage, study, and dissemination.

That being said, my thoughts concerning what it means to be a librarian have evolved. I see now that the four walls and the books contained in within them do not make a library whole. No, it is the individuals committed to LIS principles like freedom of access and preservation that make a library whole. Along with that, LIS professionals can do so much more than work in an archive or manage a public library. Those professionals have a role to fulfill in information agencies and that role is essential to the profession surviving this influx of technological advancement.

After this semester, it is clear that all of my peers will make contributions to the LIS field, and I should not be ashamed that my aspiration is to work in Information Management. It is becoming more and more evident that both are necessary, but are also guided by the same principles. We are all concerned with the end-user or the patron and how those folks interact with that information. That interaction is founded in principles of freedom and accessibility; we are all just vehicles for those deeper concerns.


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