Final Reflections

Most importantly, my perceptions of where my passions lie have changed throughout the semester. I began my LIS studies knowing I had an aptitude for marketing, since that was the area that I’m already heavily involved professionally. However, as my studies have progressed this semester, I see Information Management at a more research level as something I can not only get passionate about, but also see a great need for in the future of information and marketing. The intersection of my studies and my current career path has been an interesting and important development.

I have seen this develop in a few different ways this semester. The perspective that I bring to group projects has been embraced for its unique relation to things outside of the direct library focused view. As well, I helped to redesign a website at my current job, and in that I had to take into consideration the needs of my end-users. That pulled in a lot of the principles discussed this semester about access and usability as well as sparked an interest in User Experience and Information Architecture.

Similarly, my current position has been augmented to involve more of a focus on analytics, which has relied heavily on the ways that I’ve spoken to my supervisor about data and what it means to me. Many of these developments probably would have happened naturally, but since I was working on introspective evaluations throughout the semester, it was expedited.

The ways that I am interacting with my current profession in marketing has helped me to see that LIS principles are important in many fields outside of the library. This has been an important perspective to feeling more comfortable with my career decisions. As well, when I spoke with the information practitioners during my agency visits, that helped to  target where I can see what I’m currently doing and what I’m studying intersect down the line. I hope to see that develop more and more, and I also hope that will translate to me becoming more of an asset in my current position with my constantly developing skills.

I see the role of an information professional as being pivotal to nearly every aspect of business. There is room for those that value freedom of knowledge and expression in every field, and it is up to those professionals to value information and its accessibility to users regardless of how those users are defined. As information management becomes more understood and more prevalent, I see the information professional as someone who exists in many different capacities.


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